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When you are ready to place your home on the market, it can be both exciting and nerve racking, especially if you are going it alone without the help of a Realtor. Many time, people will try to "spruce the place up", or "re decorate", when all that really needs to happen is the opposite. If you are ready to sell your home, then I suggest that you stay away from these 3 things...


1. Add Furniture To Your Home

When trying to sell, you should stage your home in a simple and uncluttered fashion. Adding furniture, especially over sized pieces, can often make a room look small and even more difficult for the potential buyer to see their furniture in the space.

2. Re-Decorate

Depending on what your definition of "Re-Decorate" is, could be the difference between a sale and see ya later. A fresh coat of paint is always a good thought, and sometimes a rug here and there, but it is not always necessary to hang more pictures or purchase more lamps, or add greenery to a room. Remember, you want the buyer to see it through their own lens, not looking through your rose colored glasses.

3. Clutter Is OK, Because We Live Here...

You may say to yourself, "I'm not that messy, besides, people will understand that this is our home and a house is supposed to be lived in." Well, you got part of that right! People will understand, but they won't see past it. Even if you think you are not a "hoarder" or too much of a slob, just remember, buyers are not thinking what you are thinking. Tidy up as much as possible. Papers off the counters, appliances put away and that stack of magazines by the recliner, they need to vanish! No matter how much you like Muscle Car Mania and Gardening With Gertrude, they make your space look a bit messy.


The best rule of thumb is, "Make it simple, then simplify it even more"... Keep that in mind, and you will be ready to market your home!



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